Are you a start-up, self-employed, entrepreneur or freelancer who needs help managing your contracts ?

At CAPLIBRA you get advice based on your needs and at your pace.

My goal is to provide you with advice in a setting where you are comfortable, feel understood, and are relaxed because you know you and your business are in the best hands.



Then I can help you. My name is Pernille, I am a legal advisor and believe there is more in the world than what meets the eye - and that the best advice is gained through a holistic approach.


We are in a new era, and it requires a new type of legal advise. A legal advisor that is on top of the details and the legislation, but also have an ability to see the big picture and manage to co-create documents aligned with your values.

It's my job to make you feel comfortable with all the legal stuff regarding your business, so you do not get a knot in your stomach because you feel you lack an overview of the important agreements in your business. And that you can enjoy a good night's sleep instead of lying sleepless and speculating over terms, negotiations, or what to do if you want a partner or an investor in your business.